Push-in Cam Lock

Push-in Cam Lock

1. After unlocking, the lock barrel will pop out, take out the key, and the handle can drive the cam to turn +90 degrees or -90 degrees due to the blocking plate.
2. No key is required when locking, the handle is turned back to its original position, and the lock can be locked by pressing the lock barrel.

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1. It can be locked without using a key.
2. When unlocking, the handle can drive the cam.
3. Mounting holes are the same as #102400.
4. Cam is compatible with #102400.
5. The handle head can act as a door handle to pull the door panel.
6. If the handle is not in its original position, then it cannot be locked at any angle.
7. The appearance of the position of the lock barrel is raised or sunk, which allows the user to clearly know whether the lock is in the unlocked state or the locked state, and is beneficial to remind the user to lock when leaving.

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