Main Organization of Department

Main Organization of Department

1.Sales Dept:
Go on to raise the working proceeding & efficiency, control and make use of all resources and information, provide good service of demand, and also create profit to reach the goal of management. It plan the company to build the frame of information, proceeding and steps which can provide the collect information for all departments, according to these information, we may take the analysis of management, evaluations and decisions. It also can manage documents and reports which may help company to smooth their operations basically.

2.R & D Dept:
The policies of management and instructions, this department is in charge of research and development of new products and improve the technology of production, also control the proceedings on time, we will develop the products as customers requested, also assist and maintain the proceedings of production well in order to raise the efficiency and reduce the

3.Assembling Dept:
According to plans of sales and proceedings of production, it make use of human affairs and resources effectively in order to bring the maximum productions and reduce the cost, also finish the assembly of each product on time to reach the goal of management.

4.Processing Dept:
According to records of production, to arrange plans of process and execute it. We will make sure quality and delivery as requested, and let all machines stay in good conditions.

5.QC Dept:
The main job is in charge of quality and plan works, to make sure policies of quality and reaching goals, also maintain the system of quality in good conditions. Besides, their responsibility also check the specifications of raw materials and confirm quality, ensuring quality of sub-supply?|s incoming & outgoing.

6.Storage Dept:
According to instructions of chief, their responsibilities are proceedings of production, working schedule, control and produce raw material purchasing sub-contracting storage delivery Ketc. They should make sure proceedings of production in good conditions, they also
control warehouse raw material parts, semi-products, products and inventory. These proceeds will help the inventory usefully and account exactly.

Under the business philosophy of enthusiasm, innovation and precision, all ABA members are working together dedicating to meet ISO 9002 standard since 1994. With high mobility and efficiency, ABA always provides each customer with flexible engineering solution, state-of-art technical design and fast turnaround.
Year 2001, ABA invested on building up ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in order to integrate production cycle and enhance the internal control to consist with our goal to offer customers high quality products, competitive pricing and superior services.
ABA's production plants in Hsin-Chung, Tao-Yuen, Taiwan and Kunshan, China; branch sales offices in U.S.A and China would welcome the business relationship with worldwide prestigious companies.