Company Profile

ABA Quality policy
Focus on the needs and expectations of the customer. We are committed to cost effectiveness while maintaining durability, and ultimately a product with quality that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

ABA Vision:
Proven experts capable of producing the ideal cylinders worldwide for any need, no matter how unique

Our Mission:
Embracing core values for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental (green) awareness, we utilize superior research and development and professional practices to become the most recognized and respected supplier of locks and their by products in the global market

ABA Core value:
Bold Innovation. Specialization, Motivation, Aggressive, Time Honored, Customer Focus

Our Business philosophy:
We want to be a lead in goodwill; therefore, Diligence, optimism, and integrity are very important, and to top it off combine that with Innovative and initiative.

ABA Business Spirit:
Cooperative, Perseverant, Responsible, Visionary, Enthusiastic, and Tenacious. We focus on team work while maintaining a determined workforce that is driven by performance.

Our goal:
Continuous value enhancement, Community , customer and employee partnership, Steady growth