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Amazing Tubular Key Cam Lock
1. Zinc alloy housing & barrel
2. Over 3,000 key combinations ...


2、3,000個以上鎖匙變化 ...


USB Charger
1. Zinc Alloy Housing
2. Voltage is 4.5~5.5V ...


Economical ABS Padlock
1. Insert the key to the end and pull the lock to open
**Taiwan Patent No: M621270 (NEW), C ...

Adjustable Seal Buckle

Adjustable Seal Buckle
1. After the first adjustment, it is used in the same way as the market-purchased product.

Heavy Duty High-Security Padlock

Heavy Duty High-Security Padlock
1. Press to lock, insert the key and turn it to open, pull out the key together with the l ...

Profile Cylinder

Profile Cylinder
1. Internal wave lock structure.
2. The key is inserted to drive the dial (cam) piece to r ...

Push-in Cam Lock

Push-in Cam Lock
1. After unlocking, the lock barrel will pop out, take out the key, and the handle can dri ...

Water Valve Lock

Water Valve Lock
1. Turn the handle to the required water flow position and press to lock.
**Welcome those w ...


IP65 Rated Tubular Cam lock
1. The end barrel with screw and nut
2. Housing & barrel with brass or zinc alloy or SUS 30 ...


Faucet Lock
1. Zinc Alloy Handle + Brass Pipe.
2. Over 500 combinations ...


Hasp Lock/Buckle Lock/Latch Lock
1. 200 Key combinations.
**Taiwan Patent No: M618561 (NEW)** ...