Digital Cam Lock/Electronic Cabinet Lock

1. Material: Zinc alloy housing, barrel, and lock body
2. With Dimple key system
3. Power:DC6V, Use AA/1.5V Battery x 4 pcs

1. It can be set four to ten of passwords
2. Private code:
- User code can be set to six groups.
- User code retained when the lock opened.
- With automatic locking function
3. Public code:
- One-time use user code. Use code lost when the lock opened.
Need to set the user code again when the user open the lock.
4. Have a warning tone ( switchable)
- Digit buttons with LED lights.

1. Used for: any Cabinets, like Locker/Security Boxes, Metal/Wooden Cabinets, Storages, Gun Cabinets, etc.
1. It can use the key to unlock when you forget your setting codes
2. User code can be re-set
3. Setting code could be retrieved to original manufacturing codes
4. Change battery without drilling out lock
5. Easy to replace with Mechanical Cam lock or Cabinet lock due to the same cutout
No square hole cutout required
6. Suitable for Wood & Metal applications
7. Easy to use - for cabinets, lockers, healthcare, fitness centers, etc
8. Attractive, ergonomic design

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