Product Lines

Product Lines
Internal Wave Key Lock


Internal Wave Key Lock

1、Wafer Barrel
2、Housing & Barrel with zinc zlloy
3、Over 5,000 different key combination codes or key alike
4、End barrel fixed by nut. Nut fixes the cam
5、Optional master key system

Used for: metal / wooden cabinet, storage, drawer, furniture, any cabinet and box, equipment,vending machine / gaming machine...etc
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1、Same size with ABA another lock 103403
2、Same cutting hole with ABA cam locks (for example: 103403...)
so no need to change the cutting hole on the same application
3、More key codes than the usual wafer flat key locks
4、The key is special, so it is not easy to get copied
5、More Security than the usual wafer flat key locks
6、The key cutting machine is special, so few manufacturers make this kind of key locks right now
So it is not easy to see this kind of key locks in the market right now
7、The inward (inside) key cutting makes the key not easily hurt stuff if the users put he keys in the bags