Combination Cam Lock with key function

Zinc alloy housing, barrel and Revolver
With 4 wheels design (combination codes could be changeable by customers)
Wheels combination codes: 10,000 combination codes changeable
Key codes: over 1,000 key combinations changeable
With High security tubular lock system
Master Key or Grand Master Key system available
It's able to reset any combination code by user
It's optional to lock the application by combination codes or by key

Used for: Metal/Non-Metal, Wooden Door, Cabinets, Boxes, Tooling Box, Drawers,etc.

Having combination codes and key-lock features to lock/unlock
If you forget your combination codes, you can use key to unlock.

relevant information


The end barrel with screw
Housing & barrel with zinc alloy ...


Combination Cam Lock
Zinc alloy housing, barrel and Revolver
With 4 wheels design. ...

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